Real Estate Loan Renegotiation: Calling a Broker?


The difficulties faced by Greece for the bond market increases the risk of interest rates starting to rise again. If this is the case, the possibilities of downgrading the cost of a home loan through the purchase of credit will be more limited. Yet the activity of repurchase of mortgages is not limited to that.

ECB key rates

ECB key rates

Thanks to the banking mechanisms that the ECB has put in place, it has never been more interesting to consider a credit redemption today.

In effect, the fall in interest rates will increase, allowing real estate owners to renegotiate their outstanding loans. This allows a certain decrease in monthly payments which results in an increase in their standard of living.

Others choose to reduce the overall cost of their loan but it is mainly the owners of several properties and seeking to further increase their wealth that can further optimize their rental performance.

Why renegotiate your mortgage?

Why renegotiate your mortgage?

“We invite these client profiles to renegotiate their mortgages through a broker rather than a traditional banker. This allows them to have a fair estimate and to really play the competition.

“This leads to a qualitative renegotiation, especially when there is a gap between the initial rate and the rate offered after a buyback transaction, which is enough to make remarkable savings on more traditional customer profiles”.

“Imagine what would allow this same rate differential on real estate assets of a dozen properties see more” (Explains the founder of the company)

It is obvious that the competition of the lenders proposed by the loan consolidation broker, holder of the IOBSP diploma, they are obliged to advise and have the obligation to work in the best interests of their representatives (clients).

With the rate cut by the European Centrum Bank, the renegotiation market is currently on the rise.

Indeed, the renegotiation of real estate loans now represent one-third of the French real estate market, which can currently cause financial institutions slowdowns related to processing times for requests for repurchase of home loans to individuals.

The resort to a brokerage company proves very effective.

Why choose a mortgage broker?

Why choose a mortgage broker?

Indeed the intermediary in banking operation will be able to benefit his clients from his experience, as well as the development of his professional network on several key points of the administrative process:

1) Time saving:

By his knowledge of the market and the mechanisms of bank loan and, actors present. The broker will help optimize the search time capital and the body.

2) The money gain:

Excluding the level of the credit rate which remains the essential point on which the broker could act more effectively than an individual. It is important to note that the debt restructuring intermediary will be able to easily obtain better results for some secondary data, but of relative importance such as insurance-related courses or loan duration, but also about the conditions of balance in case of early repayment during the life.

3) Maximize the probabilities of landing the acceptance of the file:

In fact, the level of indebtedness of certain households can sometimes be a brake on the setting up of a consolidated credit file and has its acceptance. In this case the broker will be a valuable help because he will defend your interests with credit houses.

In conclusion, the resort to a broker specializing in the purchase of real estate loans is the most effective solution for individuals because it is a win-win for both parties.