Start Investing: A Step-by-Step Plan

With a savings rate towards 0%, the step to investing is becoming increasingly attractive. Where do you start With ‘investing for beginners’ we provide a step-by-step plan.


Close to negative savings interest

zero interest

The savings interest is extremely low. So low that a negative savings interest rate is possible. Fortunately it is not that far yet. However, anyone who pays a capital return levy on part of the savings is already faced with a negative return. This makes the step to investing increasingly attractive.


More return possible

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Starting investing is an opportunity to get extra return on your assets. However, investing is an alternative to saving is a big misconception. While your assets are guaranteed up to € 100,000 under the deposit guarantee scheme, there is no security for investing. In addition, every household needs a buffer of savings.

There are alternatives to saving in the form of deposit saving and saving with conditions. Here it is still possible to put money away for a longer period at rates of up to 2%.


Step-by-step plan for investing

Step-by-step plan for investing

You invest with the part of your assets with which you can and want to take a risk. You can control how great that risk is. With the step-by-step plan ‘investing for beginners’ you will be introduced to the different ways and products to invest and you will know what to look out for. We discuss the following 5 steps:

  1. Is investing suitable for you: are you willing to run the risk that your money will be worth less?
  2. Determine your risk profile: do you want to invest offensive, neutral or defensive?
  3. Choose how you are going to invest: are you going to invest or fund investing yourself?
  4. Compare the different providers: for ease of use and costs, among other things.
  5. Start with (online) investing: we provide tips about products in which you can invest.


Investing increasingly accessible

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Nowadays you invest completely online. This makes investing user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Trade in shares from your living room or check via an app how your investment fund is doing.